Abdominal Pain

These slides are an accompaniment to the abdominal pain teaching session and the Abdominal Pain module of the EMC course.

Imaging choices in abdominal pain evaluation can be difficult.  Availabilty, cost, risks, and interpretation skills all need to be taken into account.  The Western Australia Department of Health has a series of detailed (but easy to follow) pathways to help assist with making the correct choice when it comes to imaging your abdominal pain patient.

This is a couple of years old but is still a good summary of the approach to the management of upper GI bleeding


The NNT website gives a nice perspective on the use of proton pump inhibitors in upper GI bleeding in 2 different patient groups, those with undifferentiated upper GI bleeding going onto endoscopic therapy, and those with upper GI bleeding due to peptic ulcer disease.

Kids put many things in their mouths.  Are you familiar with the recently updated guideline on foreign body ingestion from The Royal Children’s Hospital?

There’s some geriatric gold in these top 10 tips for elderly abdominal pain

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