These slides are an accompaniment to the breathlessness teaching session and the Breathing Problems module of the EMC course.

The chest xray is an indispensable tool in the assessment of the breathless patient.  The Radiology Masterclass website has an excellent tutorial on how to interpret this commonly ordered test.

The Critical Care Compendium at Life  In The Fast Lane has a great summary on pulmonary embolism.

Imaging choices in the breathless patient may be determined by the radiation exposure associated with the chosen imaging modality.  X-ray Risk is a valuable tool to help calculate your patient’s risk from imaging radiation exposure and to put that risk into understandable terms.

The British Thoracic Society guideline on the management of spontaneous pneumothorax remains an excellent evidence-based summary to how best manage your pneumothorax patient in the ED.

Pneumonia severity scoring systems such as PSI, CURB-65, and SMARTCOP can be used to help you determine whether your patient is at risk of requiring invasive respiratory support or ICU management.

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